The Big Book Review Top 100 Books…. and a few more


Prince Caspian – C.S. Lewis

Top 100 Book:: Number 33
Star Rating:: ****

Quick Review::

The follow up to the tremendous Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and it does not disappoint. In this story many years have passed in Narnia and the Pevensie children return to help return order to Narnia which has yet again fallen into disrepute at the hands of a rogue false king! Shock Horror.

This book explores the themes of courage and chivalry and is yet again beautifully written by Lewis. The books flow so well and are such a joy to read. Like its predecessor the book was made into a TV series for the BBC in the late 1980's and was released as a major motion picture in 2008. I have yet to see the film version of this book but thoroughly enjoyed the previous one.

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