The Big Book Review Top 100 Books…. and a few more


The Voyage of The Dawn Treader – C.S.Lewis

Top 100 Book:: Number 33
Star Rating:: *****

Quick Review::

The next in the Chronicles of Narnia series The Voyage of the Dawn Treader was published in 1952. The third of the books.

This one has so far been my favourite! I love this tale.

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader see's the return of two of the Pevensie children, Lucy and Edmund and the arrival into Narnia of Eustace Scrubb. Again the family find themselves magically transported back to Narnia where they come across Prince Caspian who is on a mission to find the fate of the seven lost lords of Narnia! The book is entirely focused on this journey and the brave warrior mouse called Reepicheep plays a larger role in this book.

The book explores trust, loyalty and bravery amongst many characters and it is wonderfully written... again a complete joy to read.

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