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Suggest Me A Book

I am always looking for suggestions of books to read!
And have discovered a lot from suggestions so far!

So suggest me a book!
I'll have a read and review it on here for you

Also let me know if you enjoyed any of the books I have read! I love to know

Take care



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  1. If you’ve still not read it can I re-recommend How I Paid For College – Marc Acito. It’s brilliant, really really fantastic. Read it! :)

  2. I know you found the Wasp Factory by Iain Banks a little on the graphic side – I would also recommend “The Crow Road” which I don’t currently have (someone liked it so much they stole it!) and “Whit” which I do have (and is a little more fluffy than the Wasp Factory). Usual late return fees will apply.

  3. Piglet – I have been trying to find it, I haven’t yet!

    Steven – If I could borrow that I would be highly grateful


  4. I wonder if I can suggest this wonderful book for you to read and enjoy



  5. I’ve been getting pretty into my modern classics over the past year. The truly must read stuff:

    Graham Greene – The End of the Affair (possibly the best thing I’ve ever read)
    Edith Warnton – House of Mirth (I tend to hate this sort of thing, but I adored this)
    Ernest Hemingway – The Old Man and the Sea (absolutely breathtaking prose)

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