The Big Book Review Top 100 Books…. and a few more


I am Still Here

I am still here!
And I am still reading.
I just haven't had much chance to write reviews recently!

Hopefully be back with some new ones in the new year :)


Reduction in Service

Incase you haven't noticed I have been pretty rubbish at writing reviews recently. This is because of my studies and everything else under the sun. Keen not to let my massive fanbase of two people down I have decided to keep the reviews shortened to the quick review only.

Once I have more free time next summer I will try and resume full service.




How Many Stars

It occured to me a star rating would be useful for these books, for a quick glance! So i am going to include a star rating from now on, and will go back and edit the reviews i have made so far!

Keep reading folks xx


Suggest Me A Book

I am always looking for suggestions of books to read!
And have discovered a lot from suggestions so far!

So suggest me a book!
I'll have a read and review it on here for you

Also let me know if you enjoyed any of the books I have read! I love to know

Take care



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Missing In Action

Sorry for the lact of reviews recently folks!

I've been busily studying for my Postgrad course and thats taking a lot of time!

Stay with me though, they will come soon